Log Management

The volume of logs entering corporate IT networks has become so large that managing them has become a heavy workload. The storage, sorting, and processing of logs are costly processes, both in terms of material and human capital for the company. Thus, assigning the management of logs to professionals can meet many needs, including:
Collecting the logs in their entirety despite the large volumes.
To guarantee a correlation and integrity between the various collected data.
To succeed in classifying and archiving the logs so that they can be processed later.
Contextualize the logs, through the source IP, the requested functionality, and the reason for the refusal.
Provide an additional layer of security to your network infrastructure, thus reducing its vulnerability.
As logs are becoming more and more important within networks, ensuring their transparency and security is becoming a major issue and the alternative of calling on professionals becomes necessary.

Among the network management, we put forward our competencies related to the management of logs, we thus ensure our partners' reliability and security. The management of logs includes various functionalities, such as:

- Centralized log collection, sorting, and storage.

- Log processing and analysis.

- Visualization of the status of the logs through a Dashboard.

- Monitoring log traffic and setting up alarms for certain types of logs and their frequency.

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