Managed Firewalls

Network security has become imperative for businesses, in an era where hackers are tapping into new resources to penetrate networks, the firewall stands as the first line of defense against these relentless attacks. Nevertheless, a firewall requires continuous attention to successfully restrict attacks. Thus, this task is increasingly given to the hands of specialists and allows the company to ensure:
The implementation of a security
policy and its application.
Increase productivity by reducing
the number of vulnerabilities
on the network.
Have the ability to intervene in
a quick and targeted manner
to eliminate threats.
Avoid the need for firewall audits,
which are usually included
in the service.
Assign the management to professionals, thus relieving internal responsibilities and administration.  
Guaranteeing an operational firewall allows the development of an environment conducive to business, far from the threats of data theft or system failure, administering the maintenance of its firewall to a professional partner is inescapable.  

Devantis puts all its capacities into action to guarantee optimal management and security to its partners. We, therefore, offer various services perceived in the management of Firewall, including mainly:

- Proactive monitoring (24x7) accompanied by intervention in case of problems.

- A wide availability of firewalls, adapted to the needs (4 formats available).

- Logging in our centralized logging system, analysis, and intervention in case of problems.

- Visualize the health of the firewall by accessing a dashboard for logs and monitoring.

- Software updates, are tested beforehand on all the functionalities used by the company and their time slot is also defined by the company.

- The deployment of a firewall cluster to minimize the downtime in case of update or failure.

Take advantage of choosing the right subscription
for your needs 

Devantis offers you the choice between four subscriptions with different performances and functionalities, each one answering more or less intense security needs, often related to the size of the company or its sector of activity.

We can also advise you on the choice of the most optimal subscription according to your situation and your requirements. 

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