Managed Routers

As connectors, routers play a key role in enterprise networks. The larger the network, the more routers are active on the different networks and the more complex their management becomes.However, companies need to ensure full connectivity between the different networks, and it is with this objective in mind that router management makes it possible to:
Accelerate network connectivity
and compliance.
Increase vigilance by preventing
vulnerabilities and limiting downtime.
Implement specialized and flexible
router configurations.
Improve overall network performance,
especially with the help of visualization tools.
Thus, router management has become central to companies whose computer network has reached a certain size or is spread over different geographical areas. 

Among its services, Devantis is competent in the management and monitoring of routers. We offer our partners the possibility to ensure the connectivity of their network, and this through: 

- Proactive monitoring (24x7)with intervention in case of problems.

- Dynamic routing management(BGP, OSPF, ...).

- The automation of routers, their configuration, and the backups of parameters.

- Logging in our centralized logging system, analysis, and intervention in case of a problem.

- Visualization of the routers' state of health through access to a dashboard for logs and monitoring.

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