In the same way as the management and the monitoring of the computer network, the maintenance of the physical and software equipment is essential to the durability of the IT infrastructure of a company. This maintenance is carried out by proactive monitoring of all the devices present on the network, which makes it possible in particular for the company to : 
Prevent network failure and thus develop the capacity to act.
Guarantee a quality customer experience within the
various IT applications.
Ensure a longer lifespan of the equipment and network components.
Be alerted to any tampering with network components.
Control costs and risks on a medium and long-term horizon.
It is essential to become accustomed to the implementation of routines and technical procedures appropriate to the company's needs, as these have a direct impact on the proper development of human and economic capital.  

Devantis offers a set of services adapted to network monitoring, we accompany our partner companies in anticipation, automation, and optimization solutions of their structure, and this through various services, including:

- Flexible definition of problems and automation of certain tasks.

- Real-time warning by various means of any alterations on a component.

- Recovery of monitoring data.

- Use of historical graphs to represent recorded monitoring data.

- The implementation of personalized escalation scenarios as a preventive measure.

- Ability to execute remote commands on the monitored device.

- Proactive network monitoring by professionals.

Action Capabilities

Our monitoring services ensure proactive monitoring of your network components. You benefit from a stable, secure, and efficient network. You are thus warned in case of alterations in your network, particularly in three main areas: 
Bandwidth usage 
Packet loss
Response time increased significantly
Errors on interfaces
CPU and RAM usage
The number of TCP connections is unusually high
Aggregate router throughput is too low 
Port disconnected-System status is in alarm
Machine temperature is too high or too low
Power supply is in critical condition
Disk space is low
Ventilator is failing
No SNMP data collection 
Configuration Changes
New equipment added or removed
Firmware version change
Serial number changed
A password has been changed
An administrator has logged on to a device
An interface has changed speed or duplex mode 
This list of services is non-exhaustive and can be extended upon request
Flexible and scalable data collection
• Calculated and aggregated metrics. For example: sum of
traffic between two ports of a network switch

• Preprocessing of collected data. For example: use
a regexp to extract a specific metric from an existing device
Automatic discovery
• Detect the addition or removal of equipment

• Detect a configuration change
• Start monitoring all metrics instantly using out-of-the-box templates

• Clone and update thousands of similar network devices en masse using device configuration templates.  
Flexible problem
• Create complex logical expressions for
monitored network device statistics

• Avoid false positives by setting the hysteresis
Proactive network
• Predict network downtime

• Predict bandwidth usage trends

• Detect anomalies in network load
Identify dependency
• Define multi-level dependencies between network nodes

• Detect root causes of failures
Problem severity
• Define severity levels of triggers to focus
on the most important issues in the case
of multiple problems on the network.
Flexible notifications
• Multiple sending methods: email, SMS, jabber,
custom scripts, or messenger

• Customize message content based on
recipient and escalation history 
• Run remote scripts on the monitored device.
You can reboot the remote switch,
or reset/reconfigure the network interface.

• Execute commands remotely
Event Correlation
• Reduce notification noise
with event correlation
Customized escalation
• Create flexible escalation scenarios

• Escalate to user groups
Integration with
third-party software
• Help desks, ticketing systems (bi-directionalintegration)

• Configuration management systems

• Messengers, mobile applications

• Inventory systems
Task automation
• Use API to automate configuration management

• Remediation scripting

• Monitoring data retrieval

• Custom report generation
Optimized for
high performance
• Code efficiency, loadable modules

• Data caching

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