Voix sur IP

It is a technology that uses the Internet to deliver communications in different forms, whether voice or multimedia. The integration of this technology within companies has increased efficiency internally and in the relationship with the customer. Becoming indispensable over time, the use of a unified communication network within companies has many advantages, including:
Numerous tools such as answering machines, call transfer as well as conferencing, or shortened internal numbers, all directly impact productivity.
The ability to link all computer devices
under the same network, increases
the flexibility of the company.
The ability to link all computer devices under the same network, increases the flexibility of the company.
Guarantee additional network security by
assigning an IP address to each device.
Two categories of Voice on IP can be proposed, one called Virtual PBX, and the other Trunk SIP. The main difference between them is that the first one corresponds to the implementation of the VoIP technology and the second one allows for the incorporation of this technology into an existing phone system. 

In addition to maintenance and security services, we also offer companies to ensure the implementation and maintenance of their telephony by VoIP. Whether it is for a Virtual PBX or a SIP Trunk, partnering with us as a telephony provider will guarantee you quality, flexibility as well as :  

- In the case of a VirtualPBX, benefit from a Cloud telephone exchange located in Switzerland, with no costs or maintenance required.

- In the case of a SIP trunk, increase its security by centralizing the communication network internally.- A flexible option and many tools, adaptable to your needs and your organization.

- The possibility of keeping your numbers during the transition, as well as the possibility of taking them the day you should leave.

- Control your costs with a monthly price, without additional charges or hidden costs

and packages
for Voice over IP  

Devantis offers you a basic subscription, with monthly billing and no hidden costs. This unique subscription comes with different rates and features that you can freely select according to your needs. 
Select different functions and tools 
- Video conferencing system, circle calls, and call groups 

- Call forwarding and IVR(Interactive Voice Response) 

- Internal shortcodes - Access to incoming and outgoing call statistics

- Bridge possibilities between several branches 

- Answering machine (sending voice messages by e-mail, listening to messages by the fixed or mobile network, protected by a password, ...) 

- Call transfers (successive call transfers to different phone numbers, in combination with answering machine possible) 
Virtual PBX or SIP Trunk? 
The subscription is similar whether it is a question of hosting the telephone exchange in a cloud located in Switzerland, in particular by a Virtual PBX service, or in the case of centralized hosting within the company, often recommended when several accounts are administered, in other words, the SIP Trunk service. 

The only difference is that in the case of a Virtual PBX service, which allows you to benefit from a telephone exchange in the cloud without the need for maintenance, you must include an additional amount of 4.90 CHF/month per user account created.  

Note that a user account canhost several numbers, and conversely a number can be assigned to differentaccounts. 

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