Wi-fi as a Service

Although Wi-Fi has risen to become a standard within society, the ability for businesses to ensure stability and security for their entire ecosystem remains a complex skill. In addition, the development of the cloud, while saving the enterprise many resources, has played a major role in the reliance on the wireless network. As a result, businesses from small to large are increasingly turning to Wi-Fi maintenance by a professional company, which allows them to, among other things:
Take advantage of a network without needing to maintain the structure, representing administrative and
financial savings.
Meet employee and customer demands for
network speed and stability.
Ensure network monitoring and
intervention when necessary.
Benefit from expertise in a technology that is constantly being developed and improved.
The choice to use a professional Wi-Fi provider is becoming a requirement within companies, as they are dependent on it, and guaranteeing the stability of their network has become imperative. 

Devantis takes part in the deployment and maintenance of the Wi-Fi network to solve the challenges faced by companies. Our proximity to the customer allows us to ensure quality and stability throughout the Wi-Fi infrastructure. The services we provide on Wi-Fi include

- The installation of the Wi-Fi network, permanently or temporarily.

- Proactive maintenance of Wi-Fi by professionals.

- Recovery, centralization, and processing of logs.

- The use of visualization tools to represent the health of the Wi-Fi.

- Intervention in case of problems and change of access points in case of failure.

- If necessary, the implementation of a "guest" Wi-Fi as well as a captive portal.

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